Funeral and Burial at the National Military Cemetery of the Canadian Armed Forces

Eligible members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Merchant Navy can be interred at the National Military Cemetery, a unique national historic site in Canada.

The Department of National Defence, in partnership with Beechwood Cemetery, operates the National Military Cemetery (NMC) of the CAF in Ottawa. All serving and honourably released members of the CAF (Regular and Primary Reserve Force) and Canada's Merchant Navy are eligible to be interred in the NMC. One designated immediate family member may also be interred in the same plot as the veteran.

The NMC of the CAF is a national focal point of honour that recognizes the men and women of Canada’s armed forces who have served their country.

To determine eligibility, you must forward a completed application to the Directorate of Casualty Support Management (DCSM).

After an application has been approved, Beechwood Cemetery coordinates the purchase, production and installation of the standard headstone that is used in the NMC. All burial costs for CAF members who are killed or die while still serving will be paid by the CAF (maximum limits apply).

Burial costs for veterans and designated family members must be paid by the applicant or his/her estate. Beechwood offers pre-payment options so that those wishing to be buried at the NMC can take advantage of current prices. The current rates for burials and associated costs are published on the NMC website.

Subject to availability and the wishes of the family, a military presence can be made available for all interments of former members of the CAF (Regular and Primary Reserve). This may include a small Presence Guard, padre, bugler and/or piper. No fee is assessed for this honour. To ensure that proper support can be provided, the request for a military presence must be made a minimum of five working days in advance. Immediate family members who are not former members of the CAF are not eligible for this service.

For more information

All inquiries related to applications for burial in the NMC should be directed to Directorate of Casualty Support Management (DCSM) or call toll-free in Canada at 1-800-883-6094, or local and outside Canada, 613-992-0307.

To contact Beechwood Cemetery to make arrangements after your application has been approved, you can call 1-866-990-9530 or 613-741-9530 or you can send an email.

The NMC is located in the Beechwood Cemetery at 280 Beechwood Avenue in Ottawa, Ontario, K1L 8E2.