Our History, Our Victories

Working together brings results.



The Association has a proud 50-year history of advocacy on behalf of its 176,000 members. Here are some highlights of our achievements for federal retirees:

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Pensions increased with full indexation

  • We’ve successfully lobbied the government to increase the pensions of our members, retired public servants and their dependents annually, to keep up with the cost of living.
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Survivor benefits continued and expanded

  • We lobbied to continue survivor benefits for surviving spouses who remarry.

  • We helped convince the government to give federal retirees who marry after retirement the right to obtain a survivor pension for their spouse.


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Death benefit improved and increased

  • We’ve worked to ensure that the Supplementary Death Benefit improves and increases.    

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Dental care plan created

  • Advocacy led to the creation of a dedicated dental plan — the Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan — for federal retirees.     

Financial concerns.

Pension surplus grab fought

  • We participated in court proceedings to fight the Government of Canada over the $30-billion surplus in the Canadian Forces, Public Service and RCMP superannuation accounts. Although the Association actively challenged the seizing of the surplus, the Supreme Court ultimately dismissed the appeal.


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Challenged changes to Public Service Health Care Plan

  • Through our Honour Your Promise campaign, tens of thousands of members spoke up. The government broke its promise to provide a proper level of health benefits to its former employees in their retirement. They wrote letters, signed a petition and encouraged their family and friends to help stop the government from sharply increasing premium costs for the Public Service Health Care Plan. 

Logo:  Honour Your Promise on Retirement Security.

Secured promises during 2015 federal election

  • In 2015, the Association, through its work on the Honour Your Promise campaign, secured promises from three major, national parties. The promise: that they would not touch federal retirees' pensions. It’s now up to us to remind our new Government that a deal is a deal, and ensure they – and the other parties - uphold their promises to retirees and seniors.



Budget 2016 – Improvements for veterans

  • Federal retirees has been advocating for key improvements to the New Veterans Charter, which were reflected in budget 2016.
  • Commitment to address financial and service shortfalls for veterans, including improvements to the Permanent Impairment Allowance, the Earnings Loss Benefit and the maximum disability award.
  • The re-opening of nine Veterans Affairs offices; opening a new location in Surrey; and working with Northern partners on veterans outreach.
  • Veterans Affairs to hire more case managers.
  • Budget also recognizes a need to streamline and simplify the system of financial support programs offered by Veterans Affairs Canada and National Defence.