Volunteer Recognition Program

Volunteer Recognition


We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our volunteers. They play an integral part in meeting and conquering some of the Association’s challenges.

Many of our 900+ volunteers go beyond the call of duty, freely contributing their time and energy to advance the Association’s goals. They advocate on behalf of the entire membership without any expectation of public recognition.

But we believe that recognizing our volunteers inspires us all. It’s one of the few ways our Association can highlight the immense value we place on their contributions.


Our National Recognition Program showcases the incredible contributions that our volunteers and branches make.

We recognize outstanding volunteers and branches at a special gala dinner at our Annual Meeting of Members. We publicly thank them, highlight their contributions and share their stories. Together, we celebrate their successes, build on the momentum and share best practices across the country as a motivational and engagement tool.

Nominate a deserving volunteer and/or branch

Help us celebrate the success of our volunteers and branches by taking a moment to look around and discover all that our volunteers do for our Association, our members, our branches and our communities. Then nominate a deserving volunteer and/or branch in your area who has made a difference. Check here for more information about award categories and the nomination process.

Recognizing the great work that our volunteers do is vital to our success as a team!