Below you will find information from each political party based on their statements, announcements and platforms, as they relate to our key questions on pharmacare. We will update this information during the remainder of the campaign with any relevant new information – so check back often! This page was last updated October 17, 2019.

The parties and their platforms are listed alphabetically. Here’s what the parties are promising on pharmacare:

Check out our 1-page document on this important issue for our key questions and more background information.


Bloc Québecois (BQ)

  • To date no proposals on national pharmacare have been announced.
  • Will work to modify the current pricing system for all medications by removing the United States from the list of comparator countries, lowering the prices of pharmaceuticals in Québec by $500-million or more per year.

Source: Le Québec, c’est nous. Platforme Politique du Bloc Québécois :


Conservative Party of Canada (CPC)

  • Prior to the election, Mr. Scheer commented that the Conservative Party would focus on filling in the gaps for those who do not have access to drug plans.

  • Will work with the provinces, territories, the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders, and other groups to implement a strategy to encourage more orphan drugs to be developed and brought to Canada, improve early detection of rare diseases and evidence-informed care, promote innovative research and maintain the $500 million per year commitment to ensure Canadians with rare diseases have access to treatment


Andrew Scheer’s Plan For you to Get Ahead:

Trudeau says Liberals are committed to launching a national pharmacare plan to ensure drug coverage for Canadians:


Green Party of Canada (GPC)

  • Will expand the single-payer Medicare model to include Pharmacare for everyone.

  • Will create a bulk purchasing agency and reduce drug patent protection periods.

Source: Honest. Ethical. Caring. Leadership. Election Platform 2019.

Liberal Party of Canada (LPC)

  • Will invest $6-billion over the next four years to implement national pharmacare as well as improve access to mental health services and primary care 

  • Will implement national pharmacare guided by the recommendations of the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare

  • Committed to establishing the Canada Drug Agency to make drug purchasing more effective and efficient

  • Will implement a national formulary with provinces, territories and other stakeholders

  • Will implement a rare disease drug strategy to help save money on high-cost drugs

Source:  Liberals to boost investment in health care for Canadians:


New Democratic Party (NDP)

  • Will expand Medicare to include quality prescription drug coverage for everyone.

  • Will work with the provinces and sets a start date target of late 2020, with federal investments of $10-billion annually.

Source: A New Deal for People. New Democrats’ Commitments To You.