Well-being for Veterans and their Families

Below you will find information from each political party based on their statements, announcements and platforms, as they relate to our key questions on well-being for veterans and their families. We will update this information during the remainder of the campaign with any relevant new information – so check back often! This page was last updated October 17, 2019.

The parties and their platforms are listed alphabetically. Here’s what the parties are promising on well-being for veterans and their families:

Check out our 1-page document on this important issue for our key questions and more background information.


Bloc Québecois (BQ)

  • To date no specific commitments for or about veterans have been announced.


Conservative Party of Canada (CPC)

  • Enshrine, in legislation, a Military Covenant between the Government of Canada and all Canada’s Veterans.

  • Clear the current backlog of Veterans’ benefit applications within 24 months.

  • Create a reliable, dependable pension system that is fair to Canada’s most disabled Veterans.

  • Strengthen transition services to support discharged or retired Canadian Armed Forces members.

  • Strike an independent inquiry to provide answers about Canadian Armed Forces members who were administered mefloquine.

  • Provide more service dogs to Canadian veterans in their communities.

Source: Andrew Scheer promises more support for Canada’s Veterans.


Green Party of Canada (GPC)

  • Launch a national re-examination of veterans’ issues in December 2019 based on good-faith engagement with military families and veterans, including issues related to pensions and benefits.

  • Restore periodic payments to veterans at pre-2006 levels.

  • Repeal the section of the Superannuation Act the denies pensions to surviving spouses of certain workers, including RCMP and veterans, who married after 60.

  • Work with veterans’ organizations to review and update the Veterans Charter and the processes, structure and mandate of the Veterans Review and Appeal Board to ensure all veterans are treated fairly and with respect.

Source: Honest. Ethical. Caring. Leadership. Election Platform 2019.


Liberal Party of Canada (LPC)

  • Launch a new rapid-response service staffed by social workers, case management counsellors, and peer support workers to ensure that veterans have access to high-quality mental health care. Will proactively reach out to every veteran to raise awareness about the help available, and how to access it.

  • Provide veterans up to $3,000 in free counselling services before a disability claim is required and move forward with automatic approval for the most common disability applications, including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and arthritis, among others.
  • Will offer national employment and training support services, including career counselling, job matching and other employment help for military and policing families to adjust to their new homes when relocated.
  • Will provide families a $2,500 tax-free benefit every time they relocate, to help with retraining, recertification, and other costs of related to finding new work.
  • Will provide $15-million annually to support building new, purpose-built, accessible and affordable housing units, with a full range of health, social and employment supports for veterans who are homeless and need extra help.

Source: Forward: A Real Plan for the Middle Class.

New Democratic Party (NDP)

  • Launch a full review of benefits and work with veterans to determine the best way to provide fair benefits to all veterans, including tackling the issue of equal access to lifetime pensions.

  • Provide one caseworker for every 25 veterans to eliminate service backlogs, from current ratio of one to 32.5

  • Give Canadian Forces members access to care and support before the transition and make sure that their benefits are in place before they are released from service.

  • Give more veterans access to post-secondary education and training by expanding the education benefit.

  • Will review the caregiver allowance and making it available to more people.

  • Will work with partners in community services and veterans community to end veteran homelessness.

  • Ensure money earmarked for veterans care gets spent and will automatically forward all annual lapsed spending in Veterans Affairs to improve services.

Source: A New Deal for People. New Democrats’ Commitments To You.