Red Deer AB19 Presidents Report

26 Sep 2019

Spring and summer were fleeting this year with a few nice days interspersed. So travel was indicated to other parts of Canada.

In May, I and your vice president, Barbara McCaffrey, attended the Prairie District Directors Annual meeting in Regina, Saskatchewan. Discussions were held on the following tropics: the national AMM resolutions and a review of each; governance overview - how are we doing and what are we doing? The federal election roadmap. What do we want?

Branch election advocacy activities. Roundtable discussions on how each branch is doing.

In June we attended the National Annual Meeting in Ottawa. The question was - what to expect from the presidents forum at the AMM. The meeting went a lot smoother than other years. We approved a new five year plan and direction for the association to take.

One topic that was seen as affecting almost all branches was recruitment of new members.

Due to the lack of members some small branches were contemplating closing. Lack of funds was another complaint. A motion was passed allocating national funds to branches that needed additional financial support.

The national election was discussed and four areas were identified as areas the association supports. They are veterans issues, retirement income security, national seniors strategy and national pharmacare. Kits were developed and available to any branch that wanted them.

In October, Red Deer hosted the Alberta/NWT Regional Conference. There were roundtable discussions on branch operational plans; Alberta advocacy activities and a plan to keep our Alberta Senior’s Advocate Office that was introduced by the past NDP Government. We also participated in a webinar from national headquarters on recruitment. There were excellent briefings by preferred partners, Hearing Life and Johnson Inc. (MEDOC).

Our numbers keep declining at our Red Deer meetings and we need to know what and how to induce more members to attend. Please let us know what you want from our meetings.

Riley Workman