This past year has been fairly quiet for the Red Deer Branch. Our membership has been quite stagnant with move-ins and move-outs almost equal. We have gained one new member on our executive with Barbara McCaffrey volunteering to come on board. We thank her for volunteering and hope more members will step up and follow her example.

On the National front, our association is starting the long range planning committee meetings to look at our next 3 year strategic plan. They have chosen members from across Canada to man this committee. Many ideas have been put forward but needs to put into a workable plan. A survey will be conducted by branch presidents and other volunteers to provide structured feedback on the results of the survey. This will aid the National AMM in Ottawa this coming spring to finalize the Associations strategic direction over the next few years. They are hopeful there will be no need to increase membership fees more than the rate of inflation.

Speaking of inflation, our COLA increase this year will be 2.2% effective Jan 1, 2019.

The timing of our local Annual Meeting of Members (our local AGM) must meet with the timing set out by the Canada Not For Profit Corporations Act. Our local By-laws state that a notice of time and place must be given to each elector (Member) by publication, mail, courier, personal delivery, telephone or electronic means at least 21 days and no more than 60 days before the day the meeting is to be held. The date our AGM will be held will be April 10th, 2019, at the Baymont Inn. Notification will be in the Spring edition of the SAGE magazine witch will be delivered to all members between March 1-10. 

We have tried to set up terms of 3 years for each of our executive members. The following positions are up for re-election at the AGM: Branch Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Our hopes are that members will step forward to fill these positions. Please call any member the current executive to let them know you are willing to serve. Barbara McCaffrey is the committee member overlooking succession planning. You may contact her if you want to help out.

Prospective members can sign up for FRED. This will give them a feel for the Association with newsletters and what we do and stand for. Go to the Associations web site @

Thank you all for being members of this association and hope the New Year is as good or better than the last.

Riley Workman

President, Red Deer