Federal Retirees COVID-19 Information Hub

COVID-19 travel advisory alert: The Government of Canada is now officially recommending that Canadian travellers abroad return to Canada.

While it is natural to want some degree of certainty and clarity on the future, the world-wide outbreak of the novel coronavirus/COVID-19 in China in December has led to unprecedented levels of media attention, sparked widespread uncertainty and constant speculation on its consequences.

Federal Retirees is closely monitoring the situation and will keep you informed about the status of upcoming Association events, activities and meetings as information becomes available and direct volunteers, members and participants accordingly. Our decision-making process in this respect, in consultation with our national board of directors, will be informed by facts and information provided by official federal/provincial/municipal government public health and travel authorities. 

We realize that our membership comprises a population that is vulnerable to this virus and we would never compel our volunteers or members to attend meetings if the individual were to decide otherwise. At the same time, if anyone is symptomatic or believes they have come in contact with someone who may have contracted coronavirus, they should not attend any of our meetings, activities or events.

At this point our best advice is to keep informed and follow the best practices promoted by the Government of Canada. We can all make a difference by sharing accurate information and raising awareness without increasing fear and panic.

Further updates will be provided as required.