At long last – PSHCP renewal negotiations underway

April 12, 2021
Association president Jean-Guy Soulière is ready to negotiate your PSHCP.
Federal Retirees members have let us know they are looking for updates to vision care and paramedical services while keeping the PSHCP affordable.

This is an important year for the PSHCP. While the plan renewal was expected to take place in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic shifted government priorities and delayed the start of plan negotiations.  

In response to pressure from Federal Retirees and the public service unions, Treasury Board Secretariat representatives have finally received their mandate from the Treasury Board president to begin renewal discussions.

Association president and PSHCP pensioner representative Jean-Guy Soulière will be working alongside the Partners to represent pensioners’ needs and interests in the renewal process. This includes ensuring that your PSHCP coverage is meaningful, effective, affordable and sustainable.

“The research has been done, members have told us their priorities, including updates to vision care and paramedical services while keeping the plan affordable,” says Soulière. “There are competing priorities, and we have a lot of work ahead, but I’m ready to get this done and make a difference for all pensioner plan members of the PSHCP.”  

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