Some Advocacy Initiatives of the National Association of Federal Retirees

Advocacy Priorities

Federal Retirees is Canada’s largest and most influential advocacy group for federal pensioners. Together, our 180,000 members include federal retirees and employees, their partners and survivors, from Canada’s federal public service, the Canadian Armed Forces, the RCMP and retired federally-appointed judges. More...

Seniors and the Health Accord

We know that Canada’s population is aging. With the first of the baby boom generation now reaching 65, persons aged 65 and older now outnumber those under 15 years of age – an historic first for this country. It’s started to prompt broad discussion among policy makers about seniors’ care, and ensuring seniors’ needs are addressed strategically by all orders of government. More...

Honour Your Promise

In 2015, the Association’s advocacy has focused on the federal election and our role in making sure our issues are heard. The Association, along with partner organizations and allies, asked political parties to honour commitments made to pensioners and veterans. We also asked the parties to commit to introducing legislation that ensures employers live up to the commitments they have made to pensioners and employees.

With that in mind, we created a website that features tools and information our members could use to take part in the Honour Your Promise campaign.  More...


Working together brings results.

The Association has a proud 50-year history of advocacy on behalf of its 185,000 members. Here are some highlights of our achievements for federal retirees:

Promise Tracker

The Top Ten Government Promises That We Are Watching Closely

The Prime Minister’s mandate letters provided a welcome glimpse into what we can expect from this new government. While short on specifics, they do identify a number of areas that relate to our members.