Branch Board Members

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) board positions are reviewed and replacement board members are sought for those positions that have become vacant or the end of their term has been reached. We encourage all branch members to consider supporting our organization through participation as a volunteer board member when vacancies exist. Your time, skills and input are very important to maintaining the functioning of our branch.

2019-2020 Executive, Directors, and Committees

President Brett Turner 2021
Vice-President Terry Gunnlaugson 2020
Treasurer Linda Dueck 2021
Secretary Jane Brunet 2020
Director-at-Large Barry Caswell 2020
Director-at-Large Dorothy Caswell 2020
Director-at-Large Garnet Shearer 2021
Director-at-Large Val Zoerb 2020
Director-at-Large Brad Kelso 2021
Director-at-Large Wendy Jarvin 2021
Branch Advocacy Liaison Officer Barry Caswell  
Branch Communications Coordinator Garnet Shearer  
Meeting Place Advisor Val Zoerb  
Branch Social Media Coordinator Wendy Jarvin  
Membership Chair (National Office)  
Nominating Committee Chair (National Office)  
Sick and Visiting Committee (Vacant)