Branch Messages



As I write this in early October (to meet the deadline) I am taking a break from fixing the never-ending series of things around the house that break or malfunction. I do not recall in years past that I had so many essential things go pfft! on such a regular basis. My tool kit has not seen such use since I stopped doing my own car repairs. 

The country is in full election mode, and NAFR is doing its utmost to get its message to the candidates. Much as I would like to air my views on the subject, I will not, for two reasons. First because by the time you read this the election will be long past, and the pundits will have stopped deconstructing the victory, or the debacle, depending on their viewpoints. And second because my frustration with its conduct by all parties is not properly voiced in this forum. Let it be known, though, that the response of your Association has been unprecedented in its energy, volume and reach. Bravo to those who have embraced our political process and taken part, rather than sit back and let others decide our future. 

Your Branch is maintaining its viability, through the efforts of the volunteers in the Executive who care deeply about what we represent, and work to make the organization relevant to us retirees and the protection of the pensions and benefits we paid for throughout our careers. I follow several columnists who purport to know what the economy is about to do, and advise me to hold or sell, buy gold or stocks, buy bonds or go to cash under my mattress. My feeling is that my pension, tied as it is to the Canadian economy, is the best investment I ever made, so long as we can keep the government to its contract with us. So I am doing my best to support the Association. 

As that is the best thing to do to ensure our future financial security, I encourage anyone who feels the same way to come to our monthly Executive meetings, held on second Thursdays at 10:00 in the office at the back of the Lion’s Club, 77 Campbell St in Trenton. No obligation, just sit and be part of the fun. 

About the car repairs - I did try to figure out what was going on under the hood of the latest car in the garage, but realized that someone has decided to resort to magic, or something similar, to make the thing go. Might as well wave a wand over it as try to trace any of the hoses and wires that disappear into dark and scary places. My timing light and spark plug wrench are so much junk, but all the pliers and screwdrivers still work on the washing machine, fridge, shower and lawn mower, to name a few of the infernal machines that are colluding to drive me to despair. It is as if they are already part of that “network of things” they are warning us about, that are all connected to the internet and report on everything we do, and are having a good laugh. 

Be sure to come out to our meetings and parties and share your thoughts on how to keep smiling while we bravely face the future. 

Tom Kupecz