Branch Public Service Notices


Membership Dues
Effective January 1, 2019
Annual memebship rates changed to:
Single Membership is now: $ 50.28 Double Membership is now: $ 65.16
Easiest and most efficient way to pay your dues is through Direct Deposit either from your pension or bank account

Red paragraph textShingles can harm anyone and can be very painful.

The vaccine requires a doctor's perscription and can be administered by the doctor or by some phrumacies. Cost can be claimed under PSHCP
Scams to be very mindful of:

IDENTITY THEFT — collecting your personal info for criminal purposes

BANKING and CREDIT CARD SCAMS — many of these arrive by e-mail and text

FINANCIAL and INVESTMENT SCAMS — involve sales offer or promotion about financial products
Offers total 'peace of mind' coverage by insuring several expenses that are not covered by PSHCP and MEDOC extends some of PSHCP's current out of province/ Canada benefits.