The National Advocacy Office

The National Advocacy office focuses on issues of concern to the Nation-wide membership. Click Here to view our National Office Advocacy activities. 

Our Provincial Advocacy Officer

The Provincial Advocacy Officer and the team focus on issues of local and Provincial concern,and carry out local activities on National advocacy issues.

The Branch regularly receives from various Provincial Government departments to participate in advisory forums on issues of importance to Seniors.

Members are encouraged to contact us when they have issues that  they feel need to be addressed. Contact information is on the "Contact Us" page below.

Current Issues and Concerns

Provincial Dental Fee Guide

Edmonton Branch, working with other Seniors Organizations in Alberta, has been a relentless advocate for the return of a Provincial Dental Fee Guide. We are please to have played a part in the advocacy that has led to the new, fairer guide that was recently announced by the Provincial Health Minister to be effective on January 1, 2018.