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Board of Directors

Office Name Phone Other Duties
President Richard Savard 250.507.7697 E-Newsletter; Internet; Publicity; Recruiting Seminars
A/1st Vice-President Tony Dambrauskas  778.967.1380 Preferred Partners
Treasurer Michael Jolicoeur 250.590.4153 Acting Director Advocacy
Secretary Jacquie Savard 250.885.9059 Spring Luncheon
Director Ken Chipeniuk 587.988.1343 Advocacy; Voicemail (1-8)
Director  Dorothy Cushway 250.479.2300 Leave of Absence
Director David Goodenough 250.516.5157 Voicemail (25 – End of Month), Branch Report
Director Anne Jolicoeur 250.360.1383 Assistant Treasurer; Speakers Programme
Director Stephen Mah 250.590.3636 IT; Voicemail (17-24)
Director Mike Minckler 250.474.1429 Advertising; Recruiting; Advocacy
Director Shirley Roberts 250.381.3241 Health Benefits Officer; Speakers Programme
Director Ray Webber 250.385.7800 Condolences; CRM; Lost Contacts; Membership; Recruiting Seminars, Voicemail (9-16)
Director Dianne Webster 250.953.9987 IT; Health Benefit Officer