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Board of Directors

Office Name Phone Other Duties
President Richard Savard 250.507.7697 E-Newsletter; IT; Publicity; Recruiting; Seminars
1st Vice-President Patricia Baye 250.642.0051 Advocacy
2nd Vice- President Shirley Roberts 250.381.3241 Health Benefits Officer
Treasurer Michael Jolicoeur 250.590.4153  
Secretary Jacquie Savard 250.885.9059 Spring Luncheon
Director Ken Chipeniuk 587.988.1343 Advocacy; Voicemail (1-8)
Director Maxine Clarke 250.383.4298 Health newsletter
Director  Dorothy Cushway 250.479.2300 Leave of Absence
Director Tony Dambrauskas 250.474.1809 Preferred Partners
Director Abul Ekramoddullah   Membership 'H' thru 'O'
Director David Goodenough 250.516.5157 Voicemail (25 to end month)
Director Anne Jolicoeur 250.360.1383 Assistant Treasurer
Director Stephen Mah 250.590.3636 IT; Voicemail (17-24)
Director Mike Minckler 250.474.1429 Advertising; Recruiting; Advocacy
Director Susan Rowntree 250.592.7619 Health Benefits Officer
Director Ray Webber 250.385.7800 Condolences; CRM; Lost Contacts; Membership Lead 'A' thru 'G'; Voicemail (9-16)
Director Dianne Webster 250.953.9987 IT; Health Benefit Officer